Elena and Kitty Blabbing About Books

Join Elena Dillon and I for our live video show on the Blab platform, Elena and Kitty Blabbing About Books. We’re live nearly every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm, Pacific. You can watch our previous episodes here.

Episode 11: Rebecca Forster, thriller author

Episode 10: Superheroes discussion

Episode 09: Time Travel discussion

Episode 08: Sci-fi/Fantasy discussion

Episode 07: Shauna Roberts, historical/sci-fi/fantasy/romance author

Episode 06: Brenda Hiatt, YA/sci-fi/romance author

Episode 05: Beth Yarnell, romantic suspense author

Episode 04: Tracee Lydia Garner, roamnce author

Episode 03: Debbie Decker, romance author

Episode 02: Alina K. Field, romance author

Episode 01: Tracy Reed, edgy Christian women’s fiction author

Episode 00: Test, Nothing to See Here (But People Showed Up Anyway!)