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Be a Character in My Superhero Book

Super_ip09_FINALI’ve got a special fun promotion for my newsletter subscribers this month! Sign up for my newsletter by 10pm PT this Saturday, February 8, and you’ll have an opportunity to be a character in my new novel, Superhero in the Making.

This month’s newsletter will go out on Sunday, and everyone who replies to the newsletter will be entered to win. Newsletter subscribers only, so click on the subscribe button to your right!

Good luck! 😀

A Contest to be in My Next Book

Sign up for my newsletter to the right of this post!

Sign up for my newsletter to the right of this post!

With help from my friend, Lauralyn, I finally got the MailChimp newsletter figured out. Whew! First one that actually LOOKS like a newsletter goes out today. Yay!

Now that I can stay in touch with you more regularly (about once a month), I wanted to find fun things to do together. So how would you like to be one of the characters in my book? 🙂

If you sign up (or have already signed up) for my newsletter, I’ll have a contest in the next issue for one lucky winner to be randomly chosen to appear in Superhero in the Making, book 2 in the Adventures of Lewis and Clarke series. I’ll rename one of the secondary characters with your first name and put your full name in the acknowledgements. Cool!

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