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Too Embarrassing or Too Funny? You Decide

My friend Elena Dillon and I do a lot of career planning together. We talk about what’s working for us in terms of writing faster and better, what marketing techniques seem to work for us and what doesn’t seem to help, and we discuss new things we’ve learned – much of which came via podcasts.

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In fact, we’ve talked a few times about doing our own podcast. I really wanted to, but it’s a lot of work to make it really professional. Then Elena had an idea to do a weekly Blab – kind of like a podcast, but live so there’s no editing. I said “YES!” pretty darn quick! LOL! (You may remember me saying this in the past – John thinks I love being the center of attention. I refuse to confirm or deny on the grounds that it might incriminate me.)

So starting this Wednesday, February 3, we will host a weekly Blab from 7pm to 8pm Pacific interviewing authors. The weekly show is called Elena and Kitty Blabbing About Books and it will have a kind of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” feel. We’ll have funny questions like “What is your favorite word?” and “What sound or noise do you hate?” and “What profession would you never want to be in?” as well as questions about the author’s books and characters. The people watching can ask more questions in the chat box during a live Q&A at the end!

To make sure we were ready for our first guest (the very fun Tracy Reed), we did a test run yesterday. We hit the record button when we were ready so we could be sure we knew how to do every single bit of the process, but we said beforehand we probably wouldn’t use it because it would probably be “junk.”

BUT…it was hilarious! I was the show announcer and Elena was the interviewer, but she needed someone to ask the questions of, so she interviewed me. Oh my gosh, we laughed so much! I decided – embarrassing or not – it was too much fun not to share, so I’ve posted it here for you. I hope you laugh out loud at our silliness. 😀

If you’d like to watch our weekly show, go to my Blab profile, then look for and click on the Follow button. You might have to create your own account first to follow. But if you don’t want to do that, you should be able to go to my profile page every Wednesday at 7pm Pacific and find the live Blab that is happening right then.

Elena and I are super excited – we have over a dozen authors lined up already! We hope to see you on Wednesday!

FREE Book – Generational Curse by Tracy Reed

Generational Curse CoverTo celebrate the one year anniversary of my first book, GENERATIONAL CURSE, it will be available as a free download at Amazon, December 28th – January 1st.  Help me celebrate my book, while you celebrate the New Year!

Kyla James is a beautiful, confident woman.  She has two vices, champagne and sex with married men.  Being tied down and answering to a man has never appealed to her until, her friend Sean Prescott presents her with a proposal.  They’ve been friends and business colleagues for several years, but if she accepts his proposal, they could discover something better than friendship.

Is it possible for a celibate Christian man to be involved with a woman who has only been the plaything of married men?  Or will she make him the next notch on her belt?

Get Some Free Love

More free books available this week. Yay! Now if only I could find us both some free time to read more!

Little Miss Lovesick by Kitty BucholtzLittle Miss Lovesick
by Kitty Bucholtz (yup, me! Haha!)

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Crushing cover



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Girlfriends and Secrets coverThe Alex Chronicles: Girlfriends & Secrets
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“The Good Girl” Part One by Tracy Reed (Free Today)

Are you a dreamer? I am. I love to dream and visualize my life. In The Good Girl, Gabriella Townsend had one dream, work for Morgan Grant Holdings. In her mind, it’s the best company in the world and they offer the most opportunity for advancement. Unfortunately, like in real-life, dreams don’t always happen in our time frame, but in God’s. I like that, because it means when I put my dreams in His hands, they turn in into so much more.

In The Good Girl (free on Amazon through Friday, September 25!), Gabriella was content waiting for her dream job and when it happened, she got more than she expected.

The Good Girl CoverEXCERPT


We pulled up next to a huge jet and parked.  My nerves were on edge.  I should have known we’d be traveling on the company jet.  Tony got out and opened my door.  “Mr. Marchant will be here shortly.”

“Thank you.”  He helped me out of the car and my mind filled with a thousand possible ways this could be bad.  I walked up the stairs and when I crossed the threshold of the plane, my mouth dropped open.  I looked around the beautiful space and figured if I were being sold into white slavery, at least I was going in style with a great dress. 

“Good afternoon Miss Townsend.  I’m Gil.”  Oh great another strange man.  Am I the only female working for this man?   

“Hello.” I shook the gentleman’s hand.

“Can I get you something while we wait for Mr. Marchant?”

Alcohol wasn’t an option, I needed to stay alert.  “A mineral water please.  Thank you.”

“Have a seat and I’ll be right back.”

I sat down and watched as Tony loaded the bags, then disappeared. I closed my eyes and said a little prayer, followed by a couple of deep breaths. Then I sent a text to my mother, “So far so good.” 

Gil returned.  “Here you are Miss.”  He looked out the window.  “Mr. Marchant has arrived.”

My heart leapt into my throat.  I took a long sip from my glass, popped a breath mint, and stood up.  I brushed the imaginary lint off my sleeve, rubbed my tongue across my teeth checking for lipstick, and folded my hands in front of me.  I looked out the window hoping to get a glimpse of the elusive Phillippe Marchant as he got out of the black Bentley, but Tony “The Wall,” was blocking my view.

I held my breath and aimed my eyes at the entrance, but all I saw was his back, followed by the voice from the phone. 

“Tony, make sure Marcos knows to go to my place and check on things.  Have him forward anything that looks important to the D.C. office, and I’ll see you on board.”

Now I was confused.  I thought Tony was the driver.  Who the crap is Marcos?  I’m surrounded by strange men.  I looked down briefly.  When I raised my head, my eyes landed on a very tall, young, hot man walking towards me.  My body reacted in a way I had never experienced.  I was trembling from head to toe, and a strange sensation settled in the lower half of my body. 

I’ve never seen an executive or man that looked like this.  Most of the executives at Morgan Grant were older and definitely not this fine.  This man’s skin looked like rich black coffee.  I wanted to touch his face to see if it felt as smooth as it looked.  He was wearing a light grey suit and a simple white shirt, with the first few buttons undone to reveal more of that beautiful dark skin.  He continued toward me and his spicy scent filled up the plane.  This couldn’t be…

“Phillippe, we finally meet.”  He extended his hand and I saw his guns.  My God, every muscle in his body was at attention and now he was giving me permission to touch him. 

“Hello.”  I shook his hand and a spark erupted.  No really, an electric shock. 

“Must be the carpet,” he joked.

“Sir,” Gil appeared. 

“Gil, thank you for taking care of Miss Townsend.  Once we get on our way, please serve lunch.  I haven’t eaten since this morning.  When Tony gets back, tell the pilot wheels up.  Thank you.”

“Yes sir.”  Gil disappeared to the rear of the plane.

“Gabriella,” he looked at me and the most salacious thought crossed my mind.  For a moment, I forgot I was a good girl excited about this amazing job God had blessed me with.  “Have a seat.  We have a lot to discuss before we land.”

I smiled, sat down, grabbed the necessary files, and buckled my seat belt.  I reached for my iPad and when I straightened up, Phillippe was sitting across from me.  He had taken his jacket off, revealing more of his incredible build.  He removed his cufflinks and began rolling up his shirt sleeves.  I was fascinated by the crisp white cotton bending at his will, releasing more of his demanding, intoxicating scent.  I tried to focus on my iPad, telling myself, Don’t look at him.  If you do, you might suffer the same fate as Lot’s wife and turn into a pillar of salt.  I lifted up my iPad and pretended to read.  All of a sudden the plane seemed dark.  I looked up and Tony was walking towards us. 

“I told the pilot we’re ready,” he said to Phillippe.

“Let Gil know, and ask him to bring me a glass of ice water.  Thank you.”  He looked at me and I was grateful to be sitting because every muscle in my body was numb.  “Turn your iPad off until after take off.”  He capped off his comment with a smile.  Dimples.  Are you kidding me?   

His looks are strong and commanding until he smiles and then he becomes a real life sex fantasy.  His eyes look like black diamonds, and those have got to be the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen. 

What is wrong with me?  He’s not even my type.  Like I have a type.  My last relationship was with Todd Elliot, my lab partner.  Even then, I think it was a pity thing on both our parts.  He was short, fair skinned, sweaty palms and every time he kissed me, it felt like I was being kissed by a fish. 

I looked at Phillippe’s lips and wondered how those, gorgeous full lips would feel pressed against mine.  I bet they’re soft.  He probably doesn’t kiss like a fish, but like a man who knows how to take charge.  His kisses are probably filled with a lot of passion.  I bit my lower lip, lost in my fantasy of kissing him.


I tried not to stare at her, but I’m shocked at how beautiful she is.  Nowhere in Tony’s report did he mention how beautiful Gabriella is.  My last assistant was a pretty woman in her mid sixties.  Mrs. Reynolds was more like a mother.  However, this woman sitting across from me is a lustful distraction.  I’m not sure if this is going to work.

I tried to play off that spark thing, but it was real.  Nothing like that has ever happened to me, not even with Chantal.      

I’m trying not to stare at her, but those are the sexiest lips I’ve ever seen.  Full and juicy.  I could watch her talk all day.  I wonder how she kisses.  Did I just say that?  What is wrong with me?  She’s not even my type.   But her petite frame and those curves are doing something to me.  I wonder how her hair looks straight.  The curls framing her face make her look sweet and innocent, but those lips…maybe I should send her home and just communicate via the phone and a few video chats.  Who am I kidding? That wouldn’t help, because even talking to her on the phone, her face would be in my head and I’d be envisioning those lips. 

When I sat down across from her, I was glad she couldn’t see how my body was reacting to being so close to her.  How am I going to spend the next month or so on the road with her?

“Turn your iPad off until after take off.”   When she looked up at me with those big brown eyes, I was done.  I polished off that glass of ice water in one swallow and it didn’t seem like the air was working. 

I was exhausted and planned to sleep, but when I saw her, that plan instantly went up in flames.  I didn’t want to miss one moment being in her presence. 

What is that parfum she’s wearing?  It’s taken over the plane.  When I wiped my mouth with my napkin, her scent was there.  It’s like spicy vanilla and tobacco, unusual for a woman, but very seductive.  I’ve never been around a woman as mesmerizing as she is. 

“Were you able to reach your mother?” I asked.  Maybe hearing her talk about her mother will kill the lustful thoughts I’m having.    

“Yes.  I promised I’d call when we land.” 

No such luck.  The sweet sound of her voice traveled into my ear and danced around my head before journeying to my core, awakening something I assumed had become immune to sweet talk.  The funny thing is, she didn’t say anything seductive or enticing.  It’s just something about her.  I can’t quite put my hand on it, although I wouldn’t mind touching every inch of her.

After we reached cruising level, Gil served lunch.  I was starving.  I drank so much coffee in Seattle, I think if you cut me, I’ll bleed Sumatra roast coffee.

So far the only thing that matches up to the report Tony gave me, is that she’s very smart.  Considering the amount of time she had to gather the information I requested, she did very well.  I’m convinced she’ll be able to handle any task I assign her.

She caught me off guard with her question.  She’s a lot more perceptive than I anticipated, which is what she’ll need working with clients and the other executives.  However, I’ve got to be careful not to slip up and make her suspicious of me.  I need to keep the truth about her job and my position a secret as long as I can.  I want her to be fully trained and comfortable working with me and Tony, before telling her why I really hired her.  The longer she believes she was hired to be the Assistant to the new President, the better.  She needs to believe there’s someone I report to.

Only available at amazon.com

Tracy Reed

About Tracy Reed:

I am a single Christian woman who loves God, Fashion and Cute Guys. Not all women who write Christian fiction will admit to that.

The subjects I write about are considered taboo in Christian fiction. If you want to read about Christians dealing with unrequited love, apprehension to give love another chance, arranged marriages, physical attraction, divorce, annulment, controlling their urges, infidelity, abortion, dating younger men, being a single mother, slipping up and sleeping with your estranged ex, standing up for yourself, being honest about not liking your in-laws, still being attracted to your ex, battling postpartum depression, having challenges in your walk with Christ or if you aren’t too proud to admit you sometimes get angry and yell at God, then you’re in the right place.

The people that read my books have a thing for designer clothes and accessories and aren’t ashamed to admit it. To them a cute Christian guy on their arm is the finish to the perfect outfit.  Sort of like lipstick, you don’t have to have it, but it sure makes you feel prettier when you do.

Check out Tracy’s other books at her website: www.readtracyreed.com

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

What fun to be part of this blog hop! My friend Keziah Hill tagged me in her post, and I get to tag two more authors in mine. We’re all talking about our next book – our Next Big Thing – by answering ten questions to help you find new books and new authors to read. I hope you enjoy the fun!

the-next-big-thing1: What is the working title of your book?

My next book is a romantic urban fantasy called Unexpected Superhero. It’s the first in my new series, The Adventures of Lewis and Clarke.

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?

It’s funny, I remember being annoyed with John for ignoring me one day while he was reading a graphic novel. I suddenly imagined a woman whose husband is lost in his comic book collection again one Saturday afternoon and she gets really upset and wishes she had her own superhero, someone who spent as much time and attention on her as this imaginary woman’s husband spent on his comic books. It made me laugh and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

3: What genre does your book come under?

It’s a light urban fantasy with some romance and some inspirational elements.

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

This question really is pure fantasy! LOL! But in my fantasy, I think of how great Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd were together in Someone Like You, and how great they could play Tori Lewis and her newlywed husband Joe Clarke. But since my characters are in their 20s, I think we’d probably have to cast someone else. 🙂 That’s the kind of chemistry I see, though. Or like Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth, sometimes sweet and sometimes butting heads.

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

When Tori Lewis discovers she has a super power, she has to figure out how to adjust to her new life, tell her new husband, and save her nephew from the city’s biggest villain – who just happens to be her father.

6: Is your book self-published, published by an independent publisher, or represented by an agency?

I created my own micro-publisher, Daydreamer Entertainment, to self-publish my books. It’s a lot of work, but so much fun!

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Four months – I wrote it while we lived in Sydney when John worked on the movie Happy Feet. The rewrites though – ugh! – that’s another story! LOL! The book you’ll be able to read in a few weeks is the third version of the story, completely different from the original idea I told you about in question two, but so much better than anything I’ve written so far. I love this book!

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

This is the hardest question because I don’t know of many superhero novels with humor and romance that aren’t based on a comic book or graphic novel. Jennifer Estep’s Karma Girl is perhaps the closest one that I know of. But my humor might be closer to Kerrelyn Sparks or Jennifer Crusie. Julie Kenner’s Carpe Demon is a closer match, even though that’s about a demon-hunting soccer mom rather than a superhero newlywed.

9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?

After I got the initial idea, I mentioned it to John and said I might need some help doing comic book research. He was instantly helpful. He told me about the different kinds of stories out there in comic book land, including the different publishers and imprints, the different writers and artists (meeting Alex Ross and getting him to sign one of his prints to us is on my bucket list), the origin stories, how close the movies based on comic books stayed to the original stories – everything! I got quite an education.

Then John took me to a comic book store and explained what was available there, the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel, and he bought me my first graphic novel, Kingdom Come. (I was 38 years old! I found out you’re never too old to learn to enjoy stories in a new way.) By the time I finished Kingdom Come, I was hooked! I have my own collection now, and sometimes we’ll go into a comic book store and I’m the one who’s asking to use some grocery money for comics!

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

One of the most fun parts for me was remembering how odd it was to get married and suddenly be living with someone in such an intimate fashion. Everything about your life is combined now, but you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing half the time.

The fun and laughter and romance of being a newlywed combined with the angst of trying to be fully grown up and live without your parents’ intervention were some of the most interesting parts of the story for me. And there are so many bits that made me laugh while I was writing it that I do hope readers find the book just plain fun to read.

Look for the book in print and in ebook formats at the end of March 2013.

If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them. If you’re a reviewer and you’re interested in reading and discussing the book, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you to Keziah Hill for inviting me to join the blog hop. Her Next Big Thing blog post is here. And thank you to Tracy Reed and GVR Corcillo for enthusiastically agreeing to let me tag them so they can tell you about their upcoming books, too.


Keziah Hill

Author of steamy erotic romance and romantic suspense, Keziah has been recently published with Momentum, and Harlequin imprint, Escape Publishing.

Web site: http://keziahhill.com

Blog: http://keziahhill.com/blog/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KeziahHill

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KeziahHillAuthor


Tracy Reed

Tracy writes books that break all the rules of traditional Inspirational Fiction – fiction for women who love God, Couture and Cute Guys. She calls them edgy, but some call them steamy. Judge for yourself this Spring, when her first book, Generational Curses, comes out.

Web site: http://www.readtracyreed.com

Blog: http://www.readtracyreed.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/readtracyreed


GVR Corcillo

With her Ivy League education, white trash sensibility, and pop culture savvy, GVR Corcillo, who made it to the New York Times Best Sellers List with her first short story, writes chic lit about women who try not to trip as they march valiantly to their bongo beat.

Web site: http://gvrcorcillo.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gvrcorcillo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/geralynvivian.ruanecorcillo