Hi friends! 

Here's a little about me.

About Kitty Bucholtz

My life...

I grew up in beautiful Northern Michigan – Manistee Lake in Kalkaska County, and later
Traverse City – so naturally I use that area as the setting for most of my stories. After marrying
the love of my life, we moved to Phoenix to start chasing more creative dreams (first graphic
design and then animation for John, writing for me). Then we bounced between Los Angeles
where we both ended up in the TV and film industry, and Sydney, Australia, (where I got my
MA in Creative Writing), Wellington, New Zealand, and now Malmö, Sweden

My Books...

Most of my books tend toward romantic comedy and chick lit because, well – over 30 years (gasp! it can’t be that long!) of happily waking up next to my handsome college sweetheart
proves that romance doesn’t die, it just gets funnier! So no matter what I write, there’s at least a little bit of humor, a little bit of romance, and a little talking to God.

I call the Adventures of Lewis and Clarke series “superhero books for women” because the focus is on Tori’s view of life as a woman and a newlywed…who also happens to get caught up in the superhero world. Can she really do more, be more than she’s always been told? I believe we all have more power than we realize, and I want to encourage every one of us (of any gender) that we can do more with the life we have.

After Lovesick, I had an idea for a story about superheroes. It morphed into the superhero urban fantasy series, the Adventures of Lewis and Clarke. The series is about Tori Lewis and how she comes to realize she has a crazy ability that defies explanation – unless you believe in superheroes. Which Tori doesn't. That is didn't. Until she married Joe Clarke and found out he is a superhero!

My Ideas...

That thinking has become foundational in everything I do – from my fiction to my nonfiction books for writers, from teaching and coaching writers to podcasting to speaking to business organizations and women’s groups. You have more power than you realize. And I’m going to keep on encouraging you (and myself!) to believe that and act on it. We can change the world if we believe we can.

I hope you feel like you know me a little better now. If you sign up for my reader newsletter, you’ll get a free book (Cherry on Top, also set in Traverse City) and we can get to know each other more. You can get my Self-Publish Your Book Checklist and other tools when you sign up for my writer newsletter. More fun, encouragement, and updates (in every area of my life) can also be found on my blog. Leave a comment so I know what you’re interested in. It’s fun for me to get to know you, too!

And if you’d like me to speak to your group or on your podcast, or you just have questions, use my Contact page to connect. Until we chat again, have an excellent day! Happy reading and happy writing!

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