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You can support the independent authors you love – like us! – by buying books directly from the author. We’d love it if you choose to support us this way! We’ll keep adding links until they’re all up and running, and if you prefer to buy from your favorite store we’ve included those links as well.

Happy Reading!

Cherry on Top Book Cover by Kitty Bucholtz
Little Miss Lovesick Book Cover by Kitty Bucholtz
Death and Tacos book cover by Kitty Bucholtz
KB Book Cover - Welcome To Loon Lake
KB Book Cover - Love At The Fluff And Fold
KB Book Cover - Superhero In Disguise
KB Book Cover - A Very Merry Superhero Wedding
KB Book Cover - Unexpected Superhero
KB Book Cover - My BullHeaded Superhero Valentine
KB Book Cover - Adventures Of Lewis And Clarke
Comic Relief by John Bucholtz book cover
Life as a Teenage Superhero by John Bucholtz book cover