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24 Hours of Gaming at Ryan’s Comics

April 8, 2015

Ryans Comics front doorMy most favorite thing when moving to a new town, or getting a job in a different area even if I haven't moved, is finding the nearest library and getting a library card. Ahhh. 🙂 A close second is finding out if there are any good bookstores nearby.

This past Saturday, John and I remembered there's a comic book store in the next town so we drove over. Ryan's Comics is just about as cool as Stuart's comic book store on “Big Bang Theory.” Who wouldn't love to walk in a door that looks like the TARDIS? We met Ryan himself, a really nice guy, and we all talked geek stuff for an hour. So fun! And in case you live within driving distance of Murrieta, California, I wanted to share with you the flyers he gave us about all the stuff going on there. It's a LOT!

This upcoming Saturday, April 11, there is 24 hours of gaming from midnight to midnight. (I'm sending some of my brownies in with John.) Then next Friday, April 17th, is Valiant Day with lots of activities and special guest artists, David Baron and Ryan Winn. There's also game night every Thursday, D&D two Saturdays a month, and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments every Sunday and Monday. Plus, Ryan says he wants people to feel free to read like it's a library. Then you'll know what you like before you buy it.

Cool stuff, huh?! Here are all the flyers for you to check out. Maybe I'll see you there. 🙂

Ryans Comics Game Day

Ryans Comics Valient Day

Ryans Comics Usual Events

Ryans Comics Free Back Issues


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