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I Feel Like a Kid Going Back to School

January 6, 2019

Big smile emoticonIt's Sunday evening here, and I have just finished getting ready for tomorrow. Normally, that means I've thought a little about what I'm going to do tomorrow, maybe set out a couple things – papers or notebooks usually – to remind me of things I have to do. This whole “getting ready for Monday” process generally takes me less than five minutes.

Today – not so! Tomorrow <drum roll, please> I START A NEW JOB! Woohooo!!! 😀

It's been thirteen years since I worked for someone else. (I know, right?!) But when I talked to the people at Massive Entertainment and they explained what they were looking for, I couldn't believe how awesome it sounded! I had to have this job! By the end of the last interview, I literally said to the HR person, “I can't believe you're going to pay me to do this!” 😀

Thankfully, they didn't offer to lower my pay. Hahaha!!

So tonight, I went through my entire closet trying to decide what to wear – especially since I'll have my picture taken for my badge and that will last forever. Then I pulled out the brand new Wonder Woman backpack John bought for me as a Congratulations present, and tried to think of what I might need at work. I added a couple protein bars, a pack of tissues, and a bottle of water (I always carry water everywhere, or at least a bottle I can constantly refill). The backpack is still open as I try to figure out what else should go in it.

After thirteen years, it is weird to have to be someplace else at a time someone else has decided doing what someone else says in the way they want to do it. Or at least, that's what I've been trying not to stress about. Honestly, this company is totally cool. If I'm understanding this right from John – yup, we'll be working at the same company! – I have some leeway in what time I want to start/end my day, so I can still make going to the gym part of my normal day. Plus, everyone in Sweden is telling me that working for a Swedish company is so laid-back that I might actually find the pace too slow until I start doing my work on my own. That's another thing that made me feel more relaxed about this big change – it's probably not going to adversely affect my goal and new habits to get over the burnout I had in 2018. 😀

So here I am, mostly ready for my first day at an outside job in well over a decade and the only thing I think will be an issue is being tired tomorrow. I think I'm getting too excited to sleep! 😀


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