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WNW Blog - Finding Time to Finish Your Book

Finding Time to Finish Your Book

February 18, 2023

We're six weeks into the new year and some days I already feel behind. How about you? There is sooo much I want to accomplish in my life, and my To Do list for this year makes it look like I think my life only has about 12-14 months left! Haha!

If you want to take better control of your time this year, and finish writing your books, check out my online class, Going the Distance: Time and Project Management for Writers. I've been teaching this class on and off for over 20 years…because it works.

I made a couple short videos for you to help you get started whether you take the class or not. (It starts February 27, 2023.) This first one is the simplest way to plan to get the most important things done. And if you're not so sure you're much of a planner, check out this one on micro- vs. macro-planning. I think it will help you. 😀

You have something important to say, and I want to help you say it. Because I absolutely believe that you just might write a book that changes the world! Let's do it!


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