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The More Things Change

March 23, 2020

Well…the changes in our lives have been coming pretty fast this year, haven't they? And we're not even through the first quarter! 🙂 Some of us have more to do than ever as we try to adjust to a new way of working, while others have extra time on their hands because of social distancing and not going out to meet with friends and family.

It's hard. No doubt about it. But we can make it through all this and be better people for it! For instance, churches around the world are trying to figure out better ways of communicating with the people in the church and those in local neighborhoods – without actually being able to get together. I've received and sent some video messages that warm my heart. Why haven't I done this before? 😀

I did make it to London and back before borders began closing, and it was a great trip. But London Book Fair cancelled the day before I flew out so I was trying to figure out how to put the time to good use. I got together with several writers, which was great for networking, and I saw a couple of very cool bookstores – and bought a book in each of them. 😀 That was awesome!

Today is a busy day, interviewing people for the WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast (you can watch the video versions on YouTube), making a meal for my friends who are also dealing with one going through chemo, and trying to get some work done on the new book. Busy but good. I hope your week is the good kind of busy and that you find lots of things to smile and laugh about!

Here are some pictures from my trip. 😀 Tomorrow is my birthday and hopefully we'll find something fun to do since our plans are cancelled. I'll take pictures and post them later. 😀

My friend Camilla and I walked around the city of York in England along the old city wall. Very cool!
Kitty, Jude, and Camilla walking around York Minster as Jude told us a lot of the history of York (England).
Camilla and Kitty having a drink at Printers Apprentice, a brand new little pub in a very old part of York.
Mark Dawson and funny James Blatch open the first Self Publishing Show Live Event in London!
Author Marcus Martin on the SPS cruise – I had to take pictures of people with their name tags so I could remember everyone's names!
Author Anne (see what happens when I don't take a picture of the name tag??) and Kitty on the SPS cruise
Author JA (Josie) Clement on the SPS cruise
Kitty and author Adrienne Lecter on the SPS cruise
Author OM (Olfa) Faure posing on the SPS cruise
Kitty and Ray Cole, owner of Hurlingham Books in London. I found him because of a Facebook post, and he said a friend of Reese Witherspoon sent her a photo and she posted it to her book club, and now he gets all kinds of visitors like me who saw a Facebook post and wanted to see his store! Haha! It's a great used book store!
Me in front of the crowded-with-books Hurlingham Books. Don't see what you're looking for? Ray has two MILLION books in his warehouse!!
I wanted to see the famous Foyles bookstore in London – and this store is awesome! But it's not the original. 🙁 That one had to be torn down a few years ago, I guess.
Who can't love a bookstore that is SIX STORIES tall?! It's awesome!
Authors Kitty, Tiphaine, Adrienne, and Olfa at a dinner party hosted by Olfa. I wanted to never leave!
My last day in London, so nice out I took off my coat AND my hoodie. And 5 minutes later it started to hail! LOL!! Ah, spring.


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