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Return of the Kitty

January 21, 2020

It’s been a long time since I posted here – you might be wondering, where have I been for the last year?! 🙂 Well, still writing, but in a completely different place. For most of 2019, I had a contract with Massive Entertainment, the video game company my husband John works for. It’s a great place to work, and I loved it there! Here is a fun video that just came out today…you might recognize one or two people. 😉

But now it’s a new year and I’m back to my old work. Ahh, it’s like putting on your fuzzy socks and curling up in your favorite overstuffed chair. I’ve started the next book in the Strays of Loon Lake sweet small town romance series, and I’m starting to get some nonfiction books written that I’ve been meaning to write for years. (Mostly books for writers.)

Plus, WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast is on its third year! I can hardly believe it. 😀 I’ve got so many great guests coming on the show – it’s going to be the best year yet. I’m also working on improving my older online classes, creating some new ones, promoting myself as a speaker, and – this one is super exciting to me – I’m putting on a writers conference! Yup, here in Malmö, Sweden, October 7-11, 2020. More information coming on that soon.

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Last year, we went back to the States to spend a week with family after John’s mom died. It was the best week we’ve ever spent with both of our families – not a single argument or cross word amongst us. (Thank you, God!) We also got to travel around Europe and see so many things we’ve only seen in movies or pictures – Paris (twice!), London, a backpacking trip through Germany, and many trips to Copenhagen.

We went to Paris to celebrate my 50th birthday – the day before I turned 51.
For our anniversary, we wandered through Berlin for the weekend.
Dwight came to visit us and we went backpacking through Germany for a week in July!
We got to go to Buchholz, Germany, for a short visit!
We LOVED this little town, Bacharach, on the Rhine River.
Pretty sure this is the Cologne Cathedral – right outside the train station. (Sooo many places and pictures, I can't remember them all – haha!)
We took Dwight to Copenhagen, too. Since it's 20 minutes away on the train, we go there regularly.
We went to London for the weekend for John and his twin brother David's birthday.
We went home after John's mom died – never get tired of being back in Traverse City with our friends and family!
Our new friend Kerry (and Jerry, who took the picture) served us some adult drinks at Uncle John's Cider Mill – where we both have fond memories of going as children.

This year, I’ll be attending the London Book Fair, we’re going to Prague for our 30th (!!) wedding anniversary (John likes to say we got married when we were 12), and John is “helping” me this summer by taking a cruise from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Oslo, Norway, to see if it would be a good way to do a writers cruise in 2021. Wow!

Living is Europe is so different…and then I start thinking about it and honestly, it’s like traveling around the United States. Everything is pretty close in time and distance. I’m even taking a train to Stockholm for a day to see a friend who has a 24-hour layover there. I figure it’s a great 10-hour roundtrip for writing or catching up on my reading! 😀 (And who knows – maybe it will give me ideas to host a “writing on a train” retreat!)

So that’s pretty much me in 2019. Happy, busy, and still trying to unpack the last couple dozen of the 166 boxes that arrived in April to finalize our move to Sweden. Haha!

This is just a small part of all the boxes that arrived in April!

You’re probably most interested in “when will there be a new book??” Well, if all goes even remotely according to plan, you should get a new sweet romance this year! I hope to get back to the (longer, and therefore longer to write) superhero books next year. You can subscribe to the blog and get an email when I add a new post – look to the right of this article for a place to signup. You can also subscribe to the newsletter – look for where you can sign up to get a free copy of A Very, Merry Superhero Wedding – to get more details on the books, sneak peeks, deleted scenes and more.

Organizing sooo many books in my office – happy day!

I’m back to posting a blog at least twice a month now. And if you’ll forgive me, I may post more frequently when I have fun little thoughts on how the latest book is going, what I did on a recent trip, and other miscellaneous stuff. I hope you enjoy it! Please comment any time to let me know what you’re interested in, what questions you have, or to just say hello! 😀


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