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Get a Mentor For Your Small Business

June 4, 2013

rbbp-coverSix months ago, I heard about Jennifer Lee and Artizen Coaching after reading her book, Right-Brain Business Plan. Jenn was just starting a new mentorship circle and it sounded ideal for start-up one-person entrepreneurs who could use some guidance in growing their business. I signed up.

I didn't even know what I needed when I began. I wanted to get more accomplished, but I also needed to know what needed to be done. Over the last six months, along with a group of like-minded small business owners, I've learned a lot from Jenn about how to grow my business quicker and smoother than what I was doing on my own.

I recently signed up for another eight months of mentorship. I'm bringing out new products and figuring out how to market my products and services better. I've gotten so much help from my “Cohorts” in my mentorship circle that I want to continue in the program.

If you're at all interested in this sort of thing, I'm going to be on a LIVE free video chat broadcast today on this Livestream channel from 11 a.m. to noon, Pacific Time. Several of us who have been in the mentorship program these past six months are going to be chatting with Jenn about what we've gotten out of it and why we signed up for the next eight months. Should be fun to hear all the excitement and energy!

You can also check out the Right Brain Business Plan web site to find out more about all the different products and services and other free webinars that Jennifer offers. Details on the mentorship program are here. (Early bird pricing ends June 6.)

Her most recent free webinar is called Embracing Ease. It was a great reminder that you can often get more done by taking a break than by pushing yourself to exhaustion. You can sign up to watch the free replay here. Watch it and see if Jennifer's style and way of doing things might be helpful to you.

And maybe I'll see you “live” online tomorrow when I talk about how my business has grown!


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