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Netflix Picks: Switched at Birth

November 1, 2013

51yX+s+oHLL._SY300_The idea for the ABC Family show, Switched at Birth, intrigued me, so I put in in my Instant Queue a long time ago, maybe even last year. But it's only been the last few months that I started taking time to watch it at lunch.

I'm hooked. At least for now.

The actors who play the teenagers are the most intriguing and the most three-dimensional. The adult characters are much more stereotypical, though they sometimes surprise you. (The actors are good, but too often the things they do and say are exactly what you expect parents in a show about teens to do and say.)

There are lots of interesting family issues going on in the show, and even when sometimes it verges into soap-opera-esque, it keeps me curious what is going to happen. And sometimes, the characters actions and reactions really move me. I can't help it, I'm intrigued.

4 stars, Really Liked It


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