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Marriage Madness: Save Me a Seat?

May 27, 2013

Interior of a Movie TheaterOkay, so we go to the movies and there aren't tons of people. We take the seats we want, others file in and choose seats they want, and no one is sitting next to a stranger.

Then there are the opening weekends. Lines. People waiting. Everyone is trying to get the best seat they can. And those who come in late, well…they take what they can get.

Unless Kitty is there.

See, Kitty can't stand to think that the empty seat on either side of us would make good seats for some couple who comes in late. Especially if all we have to do is scootch over a spot.

John's happy to move for a stranger to sit down. Assuming they ask first. If they don't ask, they obviously don't want to sit there.

And so begins the twenty-plus-year-old “argument” in the Bucholtz household.

Kitty is always reaching for her bag to pull it out of the seat next to her if anyone so much as looks her way. Last week, she went so far as trying to catch the attention of two couples looking for seats in the last minutes before the movie started. John did a bit of eye-rolling, but he knows her. She just can't seem to help herself.

So which side of this ridiculousness do you usually end up on? Is this never an issue in your house? Or are you like us and it's been an ongoing “battle” your whole life together?

Honestly, if this is amongst the worst of a couple's arguments, I guess it can't be all bad! 😀


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