Moving into Our New Life

April 16, 2012

So the last couple weeks we've been moving into our new home outside San Diego. Very exciting – and not a little stressful. But our furniture is set up so now we both have desks again, our kitchen table and couch are usable, most of our clothes are in the dressers, and – the best part – we have a fabulous new bed!

People have been asking for pictures to see what our new home is like, so here they are. And – exciting moment for me – they were all taken on my new iPhone 4! So cool! That phone has already saved me time and money and I haven't had it two weeks yet! I'll post more pictures of pretty things I see around here as time goes by, but here are a few to give you an idea of our new home.

The living room - at least we can sit
My office - yay!
Awesome leafy view from every room
Our new lunch view near John's work
My awesome Verizon guys! First picture I took on the iPhone
Me and John at the Verizon store
Can't stop taking pictures! John and Doug


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  1. You got an iphone! Awesome! Get the free Words with friends Ap and we can play games and send each other free messages across the globe! Place looks great by the way and you guys look happy. We miss you. xxx


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