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My Public Display of Dieting – Week 17

May 2, 2016

RESULTS: Lost 2 pounds for a total loss of 18 pounds!

Emoticon with big toothy smile
Emoticon with big toothy smile

Woohooo!! Making progress again! Not a lot to say about all the great things I did – because I didn't do a bunch of great things. I tried to do a bunch of tiny things that would all help me lose a tiny bit.

I exercised four days, which was good but not great. And I did a liquid fast one day, which was surprisingly easier than I expected. Otherwise, I was pretty busy sitting at my desk. (Not good, of course.)

I already know I have to try harder this week. I definitely need to exercise more (!) and I need to stop eating the chocolate covered almonds I bought. 🙂

I hope your week is going well! Keep working it, one tiny step at a time!


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