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My Public Display of Dieting – Week 25

June 29, 2016

RESULTS: Lost 0 pounds for a total loss of 24 pounds

j0227558It's the halfway point! Yay! And I'm excited that I'm pretty close to on track! But losing weight just seems harder lately, as I've mentioned. There are a couple things that may or may not be responsible for that.

First, I've wondered how long the My Fitness Pal app would continue to suggest 1670 calories as my upper limit for losing one pound per week. After all, I was heavier when I started. The lighter I get, the fewer calories I can eat, right? So I wondered if continuing with the same number would eventually get to the point where I wasn't losing weight anymore.

Second, I've just started seriously working out last week. People like to say, “Muscle weighs more than fat” as a reason why you don't lose weight when you start exercising. Maybe. I certainly do have more muscles now than I did two or three weeks ago. But the fact remains that I had 50 pounds of fat to lose and I quite possibly didn't lose any this week.

My Fitness Pal logoRelating to both of the above, I asked my doctor if I should change the Activity Level in the app from Lightly Active to Active since I would be running three days a week and doing circuit training three days a week. She said yes, so I did. And the app said I could now eat up to 1800 calories a day! Woohoo!!

BUT…I didn't lose any weight last week. So I changed the setting back to Lightly Active. However…since I now weigh 24 pounds less than I did when I first set the settings in January, the app said I now have to keep my daily calorie intake to under 1510 calories! What?! I expected the app to slowly decrease my allowed calories, not sharply cut me off!

<stomach grumbles> Wait, no, that wasn't my stomach grumbling, it was my head.

So anyway, here I am, checking in, trying to give you updates that might be helpful to your weight loss journey as well.

Meanwhile, I'm off to bed. (It's Monday night as I write this.) Gotta get up at 4:50am tomorrow to run before the sun comes up. The overnight low is 70 degrees Fahrenheit! That's too hot for a comfortable run in the dark – waaay too uncomfortable to run when the sun is adding to the heat. But I'm going to do it! Besides, Monday I ran at a really good pace for me, especially for only the second week of training! Woohoo!! Here's to more good days! 🙂


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