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Pizza and Peanut Butter

June 25, 2011

I arrived in New York City last night! Woo-hooo!! It's a pretty amazing place! But I'm having Internet issues at the hotel so I may not get to post every day telling you what fabulous things are going on at the RWA Conference. If I can't, I'll catch you up on it when I return after July 6.  🙂

Meanwhile, you should know that peanut butter is very dangerous. It's creamy goodness could take a plane down. The airport authorities took my jar of Jif from me and apparently tossed it in with the items that need to be incinerated and/or destroyed by super spies. Remember, if you plan on traveling with this dangerous but delicious substance, it must be carried in your checked luggage.

On a happier note, my sister Bonnie and I had dinner our first night in the Big Apple at John's – pizza and strawberry smoothies! We were somewhere near 42nd and 8th Avenue for anyone who's curious, but I'm sure that's not the exact corner because we were just walking and walking. In any case, it was AWESOME!! The best way to start my trip to New York City!


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