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Time with Mom

May 8, 2012

My mom is in the hospital now, and it looks like she'll be saying goodbye to us soon. Maybe. Only God knows for sure. What I know is that every day with her has been a gift and a blessing in ways I didn't expect. I've never loved her more than I have this week. She's a shining example of both God's grace and human grace facing the end of life. I'm amazed and want to remember every moment so that I can follow her example and leave this world with such grace.

God's grace is sufficient for all of our needs. I've started each day reminding myself of that, and He's showing it to be true in every way. As a writer, I wish I could take time out to write down everything – so much love and laughter and tears. Whenever I feel badly, God reminds me and I say to myself – I CHOOSE to feel grateful for this time, I CHOOSE to spend my emotional energy loving my Mom and my family and thanking every single medical person who walks into Mom's room.

Thank you, Father, that your grace and love and mercy is enough for everything we go through, whether a good or a difficult situation, every day, always.


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