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First Public Book Signing – Woo-hoo!

March 13, 2013

Sorry I didn't get this posted earlier but I have been running around like a mad woman getting ready for the SoCal RWA Conference this weekend. My very first book signing was at my Romance Writers of America meeting earlier this year, and that was awesome. It was not at all scary because it was all my friends.

SoCal RWA Conference

But on Sunday I'll be participating in my first public book signing. A couple dozen romance writers will be selling and signing books (sorry, Barnes & Noble said you can't bring in books you already own to have them signed) all together in a big conference room at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Santa Ana, California. Click here for details on who, when and where.

If any of you are in the area, I'd love to see a friendly and familiar face! If you won't be around but you know someone who lives in the area, I'd love for you to pass the word. 🙂

I won't be home in time to post pictures for next Monday's blog, so I'll wait until Tuesday to post. That way I can tell you all about it and show you the pictures! I can't decide if I'm more nervous (I'm scratching my arm like crazy!) or more excited (I can't wait for people to see my Little Miss Lovesick t-shirt and the mockup for the Unexpected Superhero book cover!) but one way or the other, this train has left the station!



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