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Juggling Tribbles

February 17, 2014

Tribbles from ThinkGeek
Check out these tribbles from ThinkGeek!

You ever feel like sometimes you're not just juggling too many things in life, but you're juggling tribbles? You're keeping all the soft, furry balls in the air, and then they start reproducing!

Then you think, that's okay, I've got it, they're so cute, I'll get a little less sleep or do this other thing moderately well instead of super great, and I'll have time for all my tribbles. I'll be able to keep them all in the air. And then they reproduce again!

That's how I've been feeling since early fall last year! I love my life and my job, but sometimes I wonder how I can do everything. As a self-published writer, I'm in charge of the writing, scheduling editors, planning book covers and hiring designers, picking photos from photo shoots, planning promotions, buying ads, organizing and ordering promo items like book marks, business cards, and banners, and so much more!

Then I also teach classes and workshops, speak at schools and libraries, help friends with self-publishing or writing issues (like they help me with mine!), plan blogs and blog tours, participate in industry organizations and events – and I'm writing two nonfiction books based on the classes I teach. That's just what's on my calendar for the next few months!


I'm trying not to drop the fluffy brown tribble named “Blog” here, but I do hope you'll forgive me if sometimes my posts are short and sweet. 🙂

How about you? What kind of tribbles are you juggling?


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