Chubby Girls Run – In New Towns

Map My Run banner logoSo today, instead of running, I’m moving. I guess that means I’m running around, doing a lot of stairs (we’re moving to a third floor apartment), but no real running for a couple days till I unpack enough to be able to eat, shower, and dress in comfort.  😉

First thing I’ll have to do is find a couple new routes on MapMyRun. Second thing I’ll have to do is brace myself – because I now live on a hill! My once a week “hills and sprints” training is going to become “hills every run” training.

That means I’ll really have to start focusing on strength training. It also means that when I run the Carlsbad Half Marathon in 19 weeks, I’m going to be even faster because it’s a flat course! Woohoo!!!


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    1. Kitty Post author

      Thanks so much, Alina! Every time someone says something like that, I’m a little surprised, but always even more motivated. So thanks for the encouragement!!

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