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Book Marks: Drawing Fire by Janice Cantore

September 29, 2015

Drawing FireLast week I finished my friend Janice Cantore‘s newest book, Drawing Fire, book one in the Cold Case Justice series. When I was done, I emailed her with “Wow!” in the subject line and told her this is definitely her best book yet!

The story is categorized as romantic suspense, but I would say it's more a police book with heart. It's set in Long Beach, California, where Janice used to be a police officer. The intertwining plot lines are so interesting that I would sometimes forget about one of the story threads when we came back to it because I was so into what was going on with the other threads.

But the whole thing comes together in such a way that you feel a sense of closure and justice. Yet the last page or two gives you a sense of what might be coming in the other books in the series. I'm super excited to read book two and asked Janice WHEN??

But – LOL! – I forgot this book is rather new. It just came out in May, so the next book won't be released until sometime in 2016. Janice doesn't have a date yet.

If you've been reading my posts about books I've read (generally categorized under “Book Marks” here), you know that I like lots of action, I really want to like the characters, and I want the story to pull me smoothly along without me having to stop and try to figure out what's doing on. If there is a faith element or someone is wondering about or talking to God, I usually like that, too. Drawing Fire gave me all that and more. I fell asleep reading two nights in a row because I really wanted to find out what happened next! I really liked this book!

I don't give many books 5 stars, only the ones that keep me up at night dying to finish. But this is a 5-star book to me. 😀 I can't believe I'm going to have to wait 5+ months for the next book in the series!


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