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Netflix Picks: Being Human – UK – Update

June 21, 2013

Being Human UKIn January, I rated the U.K. version of Being Human 4 stars, meaning we Really Liked It, per the Netflix ratings system. At the time we'd seen the first two seasons, and we both really enjoyed them.

When I noticed that there were new episodes on, we decided to get back into it. We got through a very tumultuous third season with a lot of crazy things happening. Some of it was rather over the top, but it's a show about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost, so some “over the top” is expected.

However, the season three finale was so drastic that we weren't sure the next season could actually be good. (I won't give any details and spoil it.) By the end of season three, I think we changed our opinion to 3 stars, Liked It.

Then we watched the first episode of season four. “So, want me to delete it from the Instant Queue?” John asked.

Yes, it was that bad. What we thought might be a shark-jumping end to season three, became a shark-jumping-while-juggling-burning-batons beginning to season four. I hoped that maybe it was just that the writers were in a panic to keep their audience and that season four episode two would return to giving us what we liked. But no, I couldn't even make it to the end of episode two. 🙁

Please comment if you've seen the rest of season four and you think we should try to get through it because it turns out to be good. But for now, it's no longer in our queue and our rating for the first two episodes of season four is –

2 Stars, Didn't Like It


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