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Netflix Picks: Continuum

October 25, 2013

ContinuumEarlier in this column, I talked about a futuristic movie that we didn't really like. This week I've got a futuristic TV show that we liked a lot!

Continuum is about a police officer from 2077 who gets sent back to 2012 because of <insert cool way it happens here>. She has to figure out how to manage in a world that has practically no tech compared to her world – and she does so believably.

There is also a past-future connection that is pretty cool. I can't say another word for fear I'll spoil it for you.

There are several recurring characters and I pretty much liked them all. Some things leave you guessing, and other things you may guess it right half the time – Ah-HAA! – and be surprised half the time. (I like being right and being surprised, so this was a good combination for me! LOL!)

They've recently added the second season, so we can find out what happens next – sweet! If you like futuristic cop shows, you have to start watching Continuum.

4 stars, Really Liked It


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