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Netflix Picks: Lincoln Lawyer

May 17, 2013

Lincoln LawyerI put The Lincoln Lawyer in our Netflix queue quite a while ago and finally had time to watch it recently. I like Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei in lots of things, and the idea of the movie seemed interesting – for a lawyer to have a car for an office.

There was nothing wrong with it – good characters played by good actors with a story that went smoothly from beginning to end. It's not so much that I didn't like the movie as that I don't love movies with anti-heroes.

Perhaps someone would argue with me that he isn't an anti-hero, that's he's much the same as lots of TV lawyers – supposedly real people with flaws and strengths. Well, those aren't the kind of people I want to spend my free time following. (See my thoughts on Damages.)

This lawyer just isn't the kind of guy I cheer for, so I just barely gave it 3 stars.

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix ratings system)


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