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Book Marks: Mr Cavendish I Presume

May 15, 2013

Mr CavendishWhen I was at a recent Romance Writers of America conference, I heard Julia Quinn speak. She seems very nice, the kind of person you'd want to have coffee with. I can't remember what she said that intrigued me, but I wrote down the name of one of her books in the margin of my notebook, Mr Cavendish, I Presume.

I found it in the library and started reading it at night before I went to sleep. Since I'm busy trying to get my own books out right now, this is almost the only time I have to read, and I need to read in order to relax enough to sleep after a stressful day. A little light-hearted romance should be the right formula, nothing with too much action that will keep me up half the night. (I had that problem with Ready Player One! LOL!)

What I liked most about this book is that both the hero and the heroine were genuinely nice people with little flaws like everyone else. And Julia Quinn writes that kind of character in a way that makes me laugh and makes me cheer for them.

The surprise came when, as the story neared its conclusion, I couldn't decide how I hoped it would turn out. In my experience, it's difficult to find a good romance where you don't know how it will end! Of course, the boy and the girl will get together, but how?

This is a fun, charming book that made me feel good, helped me to relax, and put me in a good mood before I went to sleep. I think I slept better for it. 😉 If you like romance, give this one a try.

4 stars, Really Liked It


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