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Netflix Picks: Longmire

May 30, 2013

Note: Nope, you still don't have your days wrong, and neither do I. I moved this regular Friday column up a day because I hope to have a very special and exciting announcement tomorrow! 😉

LongmireOver Memorial Day weekend, John and I found Longmire on Netflix. We just saw another trailer for the A&E show at the movies the week before so maybe we noticed it because it was on our minds. Or maybe Netflix recently added it.

In any case, we had three whole days of nuthin' but Netflix so we decided to watch the first episode and see if we liked it. By the next day, we had finished the entire first season! It was really good!

First off, Katie Sackoff is in it. If you liked the “new” Battlestar Galactica, you probably like Katie. And you'll like her in this show, too.

I wasn't sure if I recognized the sheriff, played by Robert Taylor. But when I looked him up, I saw that he's an Aussie and in a lot of Aussie TV shows so I probably did recognize him a little. (He was in an episode of COPS LAC, an awesome Aussie show! I really need to buy that on DVD sometime. He was also in The Matrix.)

Anyway, it's a modern day Western set in Wyoming. There are several more actors I recognized, including Lou Diamond Phillips. I don't always like Lou Diamond Phillips in the parts he chooses, but he is perfect and awesome in this show! He plays the sheriff's best friend and they are so freakin' believable in those parts that you forget you're watching a TV show.

If you have Netflix, at least watch the first episode. Maybe it's not your kind of show. But you may find yourself watching the entire first season in just a few sittings like we did! The second season either started on Memorial Day (I thought that's what the trailer said) or this next Monday (according to the poster above) on A&E, if you have cable.

5 stars, Loved It


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