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Netflix Picks: One for the Money

April 26, 2013

One for the MoneyI admit, I saw this in the theater. I'd been waiting for months for it to come out, especially when I heard that Katherine Heigl would be in it!

Even though I've only read the first few books in the series (by author Janet Evanovich), I still love the characters. Both the main heroine and the two competing heroes are fun and funny and make me laugh.

Like with so many adaptations, I was a lot more excited about the movie before I saw it than afterward. I really liked all the actors, I really liked the story line (which I already knew from reading the book), but I think sometimes I just get too excited and the movie can't live up to my anticipation.

That being said, I still watched it again when I saw it on Netflix. There were still lots of things I liked about it, and it's an easy, fun movie to watch when you're paying bills or doing something that you want something fun in the background. And hey, maybe if you've never read the book and gotten as freakin' excited as I did, you'll like it even more!

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix ratings system)



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