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March 26, 2012

So much to celebrate this past week! My birthday was on Saturday, and John has been spoiling me like crazy all week.

Plus, God answered our prayers for a good job for John on Tuesday. Yay! Today, in fact, we're apartment hunting in Carlsbad, CA. I'm so excited because the ship with all of our stuff arrived from Australia a few weeks ago. Once we have a place to live, we can get everything out of storage. I can't decide what I miss most – clothes, books, or movies. LOL!

I was thrilled that we bought a bed on Friday, too! A couple of my friends who own a Sleep Number bed convinced me to at least go look at them. The salesperson was awesome and before we knew it, we had an amazingly comfortable bed. I can't wait to move into the new apartment just so I can sleep on it!

I have so many things to celebrate, so many things to be grateful for. I love birthdays, and I'm excited about our new town. (We should end up within a couple miles of the beach. More yay!)

What about you? Are you celebrating anything right now? What are you grateful for?


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