Chubby Girls Run – Except When They Don’t

September 25, 2016

OuchLife has been really difficult lately (second verse, same as the first 🙁 ), and I've gotten barely one run in per week. I'm desperately out of shape, and terribly far behind in preparing for the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January. Sigh…

All I can do is keep trying to find a way through my troubles and keep going. I don't know how, but I'll just have to keep choosing every day not to give up.


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    1. Thanks, Kim! Between the two of us, we’ll get back on the horse. 😉 It should be much easier when this heat wave ends. Until then, we’ll do what we can. You’re right, God is always with me, and that’s an encouragement! *Hugs!* 😀


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