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Finally Graduating!

September 1, 2011

I'm so excited – I'm finally graduating from university! Woo-hooo!! It feels a little anti-climatic since I stopped going to class in early June and graduation isn't until early October. But I'm sure I'll be really excited when it happens. As John is fond of saying, I do love being the center of attention.  🙂

In only a few short weeks, someone from University of Technology, Sydney will be calling out my name, mispronouncing my last name despite the phonetics they requested, and handing me a piece of paper worth $30,000 and quite a bit of pride. I don't think writers put M.A. after their names, do they? Too bad.

It's funny, after all that work, my biggest problem right now is finding my “plus three.” Of course, my first guest choice is John.  🙂  If he doesn't come, I will be seriously bummed. He's working overtime right now on Happy Feet 2, so it's always possible that even though he asked for the day off months ago, he may not make it. Or he may be in and out without staying around for the reception. But here's hoping not.

Two of my girlfriends that I spend the most time with will be on holiday overseas. I can hardly compete with family trips to France and Germany. My other girlfriend wants to come but she's entertaining her nephews and isn't sure if she can make it.

So… I'm celebrating one of the biggest accomplishments of my life so far and I don't know who will be able to share it with me. Bummer! But…one way or another I'm going to stay excited about the big day. God knows how it will all turn out, and he's very good at planning wonderful surprises, so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!  🙂


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