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September 2, 2011

After running the City2Surf race, John and I decided to take a couple weeks off. Monday, we started up again. Wow. Amazing how much muscle you can lose in fourteen days! But as much as we moaned about that first run, I think we both felt better that we were back.

About to take my first run in Central Park, NYC

Endorphins aside, I had much more energy on Monday than I've had in the last two weeks. I got almost twice as much work done that day as I often do. Amazing. Of course, that's partly because I worked for ten hours on Monday. But still, I haven't had the energy to do that for a couple weeks so… There you go.

But John worked late on Tuesday and only got a few hours of sleep, so we didn't get up to run on Wednesday morning. That's okay, always Thursday. But we slept so well (for a change) that we slept in a bit on Thursday. And I had asked John to work on my book cover again one morning when he got up early, so we did that instead.

Ran past the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park

That brings us to this morning. Finally! Got up and ran – though only the second time in a week. Still exhausting, but there's something about how good you feel afterwards that makes you glad you did it. I'm sure the fact that it is now officially the second day of Spring here in Sydney helps. Something about Spring that gives you energy.

So…not really the jump back into it kind of routine we planned for. But right now we're doing our best and feeling good. And sometimes that's not only all you can do, it's just right.


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