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It’s My Birthday!

March 24, 2013

j0227558Happy Birthday to me! Yay! LOL!!

I just love birthdays! I'm sure most of you will be reminded by Facebook that today is my birthday, but I just wanted to shout it out! LOL!

John said that today we are making the brownie cupcakes that he found on Facebook a couple days ago. They're peanut butter and chocolate. We'll take pictures and I'll show them to you later.

I hope you all have as blessed and beautiful a day as I know I will. God is so generous with His love, and His joy in us is like warm brownies and the bubbles in soda that tickle your nose. It just makes you laugh and be happy!

I pray that feeling for all of you today. 🙂 I love you! Thank you for being my friends!


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