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My Public Display of Dieting – Week 14

April 11, 2016

RESULTS: Gained 1 pound for a total loss of 14 pounds

OuchSigh. Okay, I've hit one of those places where I'm semi-consciously thinking, This is going great so I'll just do what I want and it will still be great!


Weekends are always hardest. It's when John and I have more time to cook, when we are more likely to want a margarita, when we're more likely to sleep in instead of exercising or be off too early in the day to exercise first.

I overate by 400 calories both Friday and Saturday nights, and was “just a little” over on most of the other days this week. Sigh. I was going to go really low calorie today and wait to weigh myself again tomorrow so I could maybe say I was at the same weight. But then I thought, heck, losing weight is hard for most people, not just me, so be honest.

Honestly, I haven't been trying as hard the last couple weeks as I did at the beginning of the year. I was ahead of my 50-pounds-in-50-weeks schedule for quite a bit of the last few months, and I think it made me complacent. But now I've used up my advantage. It's time to really work hard again.

So, yes, I'm cutting back on calories a lot today, eating healthy (protein shakes, half of a chicken and veggie sandwich), but drinking a lot more water. And tomorrow I'm going to exercise again, no matter how busy I am.

But the biggest thing I'm changing as of today is this “coasting” attitude I've developed as the first fifteen pounds have come off.

I'm super excited to fly up to Salt Lake City Thursday and go on a 7-day writing retreat in Park City, Utah, with my friend Kathleen. When she's at a writer's retreat, she's really focused on writing (and I'd like to finish my current book up there!), and she's gotten pretty health-conscious so we'll be eating a lot of veggies and protein shakes. I'm going to go for a walk every day (I'll be in the mountains and it might SNOW so it'll be impossible for me not to want to go outside every day!) and I'm going to come back lighter than when I left. 😉

You guys are my accountability partners. That's why I'm posting this blog every week. So feel free to hold me accountable. Be kind, but hold my feet to the fire. 🙂

Together, we can be healthier by the end of this year! Woohoo!!!


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