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My Public Display of Dieting – Week 20

May 23, 2016

RESULTS: Gained 3 pounds for a total loss of 16 pounds

Chicago deep dish pizzaWell, the longer I do this, the more I learn about myself. For one thing, every four or five weeks, I gain a few pounds, partially from overeating. Then the next week I tend to lose everything I gained. That's one good thing.

Also, when I'm someplace with some kind of amazing food I don't get to eat very often, I'm going to eat it no matter what. And if there are leftovers, I'm going to eat those, too, because – hey, I don't get to eat this very often. 😀

Last week, a friend of mine bought Chicago deep dish pizza and sent it home with me for John and me to finish. It was awesome. And we've eaten this very high calorie pizza for the last four days in a row. I also had margaritas two of those days with the pizza. I wasn't at all surprised that I gained a couple pounds this week.

Another thing I learned is that it is really difficult for me to get enough exercise when I am away from home. Four of the last five days, I've been out – dentist, teaching a class, a couple meetings, and getting the car fixed. I haven't been able to get up early enough to exercise before having to leave on these days. And that means my exercise has been cut more than 50%!

So…all those things added together mean that yes, I've gained a few pounds instead of losing one. But after tomorrow, I'll be back on track…mostly. I have a lot of teaching engagements and other things in the next month. So in order to not gain weight, since I won't be able to get as much exercise in, I'll have to really cut back on the pizza! (Thank goodness, there's only two pieces left. 😉 )

If you're struggling, don't get discouraged. Just look for specific things that aren't going as well as they should and ask yourself how you can make them work better. You can do this – and I can, too!


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