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My Public Display of Dieting – Week 33

August 23, 2016

RESULTS: Lost 0 pounds for a total loss of 30 pounds

I don't know what it was this past weekend, but I really fell off the wagon! Friday night I was so tired, by the time I sat down in front of the TV about seven o'clock, I just wanted to munch on something. I ate half a dozen celery sticks, but covered in cream cheese. Then I went and microwaved one of those mini bags of kettle corn popcorn. I knew my desire for food was all in my head (tired and stressed) when none of that took the edge off. But at least I stopped eating.

My full plate at a potluckSaturday I was supposed to get up and go for a run before my RWA meeting in San Diego, but I was exhausted and decided to sleep instead. Without the run, I'd really have to be careful with the calorie count because our meeting was a potluck! Well, I looked over everything before I took a plate (that helps me choose beforehand, which helps me not to overeat so much), but I still ended up with a full days' worth of calories in that one meal! (That is a homemade bratwurst there! And boy, do I wish I knew where those taquitos came from!)

The amazingly delicious food on this plate is about 700-800 calories – and worth every bite! Then I ate several fabulous desserts and two cups of yummy pomegranate juice. My daily calorie limit to lose one pound a week is currently 1510. (It keeps dropping as I lose weight, darn it.) The calories I ate just at the potluck were over 1600!

And THEN John came home and I made the most delicious guacamole, and John made his trademark fabulous margaritas, and…well, suffice it to say that Saturday's total calories should've lasted me two days. Then Sunday I was just, like, screw it, I'm going to finish enjoying the weekend and start again on Monday.

On the one hand, I feel bad that I overdid it so badly. On the other hand, Saturday and Sunday's food was absolutely delicious! John made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner Sunday with mushrooms, bacon, avocado, and tomato. The sandwich alone was nearly 800 calories! LOL! But it was amazing! (He grilled one side of the bread in the bacon grease – oh my gosh!)

One of my friends called it a spontaneous diet vacation – LOL!!!! I love it! So that was my weekend. Monday, I went out and ran, and I ate “normally” and on track. So the fact that I got on the scale this morning and weighed the same as last week, well, I'm just grateful! (Especially since, technically, I'm three pounds behind my goal.)

Anyway, new day, new choices. We can only keep moving one step at a time, right? But at least we're moving. 🙂


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