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Netflix Picks: Bush Christmas

January 4, 2013

Bush ChristmasFor my last Christmas movie review, I chose Bush Christmas. Even though it's after Christmas, you can watch this movie any time because it's not really about Christmas anyway. It just happens to be set at Christmas time.

I found Bush Christmas on Netflix while searching for Christmas movies a few weeks ago. It's set in Australia, so of course I wanted to see it (having lived there for a few years). But the movie poster picture on Netflix is in color, so I was surprised to watch a black and white movie. Then I looked at the date: 1947. Ahh.

The movie is about some kids who chase down horse thieves to retrieve their father's stolen mare and foal. It reminded me of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, but with younger kids. A few times, the movie reminded me of The Apple Dumpling Gang from Disney. It was fun to see the kids outwitting the bad guys in a believable kid-like way.

The only thing that threw me out of the story a couple times was the way the characters in the movie talked about the Aboriginal characters. It only happened a few times, and I reminded myself of the time period in which the film was made. Interestingly, the film was remade in 1983, with teenage Nicole Kidman playing the part of the older sister in the adventurous group. I wonder how good that version is, or whether Aussies prefer the original.

I found Bush Christmas to be a fun, almost Disney-like old movie. You might want to give it a try.

3 stars, (Liked It, per the Netflix ratings system)


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