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Netflix Picks: Flicka – Country Pride

February 1, 2013

I can't help it. It's a horse movie. I have several other horse movies in my queue, too. 🙂

Flicka: Country Pride is not a lot different from the other horse movies you might've seen on TV. (I don't know if it came out on TV, or the theaters, or was released on DVD.) There's a girl – of course – and the horse that helps her overcome her problem. Of course. That's what horses do best. 😀

There's also a boy – what's a horse movie with a girl and no boy? – and a big competition and a girl who acts like the enemy. But in the end it all turns out well. Of course.

And that's one of the reasons to watch a horse movie. They feel good! Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black play the two main adult characters, which is adorable since they're married. It's a nice family film perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix ratings system)


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