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Netflix Picks: From Prada to Nada

March 15, 2013

From Prada to NadaA couple different friends told me about From Prada to Nada and that I should give it a try. I had been thinking about it for awhile so I was quite happy to find it on Netflix. It's described as a Latin version of Sense and Sensibility, which sounded fun.

I really liked the two main girls who start out as very rich spoiled girls. I liked their dad, their aunts and poorer family members, the aunts' neighbors, and that whole side of the storyline. What I didn't like was the witchy wife of the stepbrother and how out-of-control she was, and that the stepbrother didn't seem to have a problem with it.

It's just my opinion, but I thought the main story of two rich girls losing everything and going to live with their poorer relatives was a great story. But the witchy wife and a few other elements added a weird vibe that went in another direction, not funny, not interesting, and it partially ruined my fun in the rest of the story.

Still, particularly if you're a Jane Austen fan, From Prada to Nada is worth a couple hours of your time.

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix rating system)


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