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Netflix Picks: Insidious

March 29, 2013

InsidiousJohn and I were in the mood for a creepier movie one night so we tried Insidious. I think John had heard something about it. It was definitely weird, but the good kind of weird.

This couple's child falls into an unexplained coma and weird things start happening in their house. A strange woman tells the couple that the child is lost or trapped and only the husband can go bring him home.

I like the actors – Patrick Wilson from The Gifted Man and Rose Byrne from Damages play the child's parents. The other characters are the right amount of strange and interesting to make it all work.

If you like creepy movies that have elements of evil and ghosts in them, you'll probably like Insidious.

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix rating system)


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