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Netflix Picks: National Geographic

April 5, 2013

Great White OdesseySometimes I wander through Netflix looking for something interesting to watch during my lunch hour. Now, I think National Geographic stuff is pretty darn cool and interesting, but it is graphic. I had to look away a few times when I was eating.

If I understood correctly while watching the shark show, some guy out there actually named this shark Nicole after Nicole Kidman who, he says, loves sharks. Well, if you love sharks and you think that's a nice compliment to an actress you like…um, great. I sure hope no one names a shark after me! Not the cute and cuddly image I'd be looking for.

Ultimate Cat

That being said, watching the big cats show was also not for the faint of heart. They have some crazy teeth and claws, and part of the discussion was on how they kill people as well as antelope. Eek!

It was pretty interesting to see some of the structural similarities in lions and tigers. And even though I kind of piled all the big cats into one category in my head, it was weirdly cool to see how they all hunt differently.

If you like National Geographic titles, you'll probably like these two. I did.

4 stars, Really Liked It (per the Netflix rating system)


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