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Netflix Picks: The Warrior’s Way

November 16, 2012

In my new Friday column, the question is – is there anything good on Netflix?

Last weekend, John wandered through all the various lists of movies on Netflix and just when I thought we were going to enjoy seeing Hellboy again, he suddenly picked something different. I sighed internally and thought, I guess I'm going to get some work done.

You see, The Warrior's Way seemed to be one of those Chinese swordplay movies. Bleh. So I started working on something on my computer while kinda sorta half-watching out of the corner of my eye.

But the movie captured me almost from the start. It had interesting characters with strange little quirks. Most of it ended up sort of being a Wild West movie, actually. And a baby was a major player – a baby with a totally cute smile that made you laugh.

The actors include Dong-gun Jang (famous in South Korea), Kate Bosworth (I loved her in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!), and the always amazing Geoffrey Rush (The King's Speech, and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies), as well as several more you'll recognize when you see them.

I got almost no work done during the movie because I watched all but the first few minutes of it. It was so enjoyable! (Okay, there was blood and violence, but I was ignoring it because I was caught up in the story.) The characters were totally likable and I liked that they were all different.

At the end, we were trying to decide if we should give it 3 stars (Liked It, per the Netflix menu) or 4 stars (Really Liked It). We went with 4 stars. If you like this kind of movie, you should totally watch it.


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