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That’s What Friends Are For

July 25, 2011

Rachel, Ruth and Me

Last week I was out with my friends Ruth and Rachel. It was Girls' Night Out and we were drinking some of the best hot chocolate at Max Brenner's in Bondi Junction. Yum! The best part about our monthly night out is that we don't have to compete with toddlers who want their mummy's attention.

By the time we were on a chocolate high, we'd giggled our way through a bunch of potential ideas for how to get their home businesses off the ground. (Remember the toddlers?) Then – because I was determined to keep talking about business until we solved our problems – we started talking about my home-based business: writing.

And under the influence of Dark Italian Chocolate, I found myself coming up with a calendar of sorts for writing here on my blog – and a promise to get started on it today! And guess what Monday's topic is – friends and relationships! Of course!

Because when it comes to pushing you to do what you need to do and want to do, friends are the best! Thanks, Rachel and Ruth! Love you girls!


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