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Things I Won’t Miss When I Die

July 19, 2012

Based on yesterday's post about the lists Nora Ephron wrote, here is my list of some of the Things I Won't Miss When I Die. 🙂

Asking for no onions every single time I go to a restaurant

Birds waking me up at 4am

The sound of the bathroom exhaust fan

Hotel room key cards that don't work by the second day

More emails than I can read or answer



Being too hot

Being too cold


Every single creepy bug, snake, pest, etc. that freaks me out

Spiderwebs across the sidewalk when I'm running or walking (Yes, this really bothered me this morning!)


People who toss their cigarettes on the ground

Road Rage


Never-ending noise of city life

Time constraints

Peas and carrots

Cigarette smoke

The sound of fluorescent lights


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