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Things I Will Miss When I Die

July 20, 2012

On Wednesday, I told you that Nora Ephron wrote two lists at the end of a collection of her work – a list of things she'll miss and a list of things she won't. I decided to start lists of my own and shared with you the list of Things I Won't Miss When I Die yesterday.

Now I don't believe I'll actually miss anything when I die because I'll be in heaven and it'll be awesome. But for the sake of the the list, let's say I was conscious of things I don't have anymore that I wish I still had. These would be some of those things.

An unexpected gift

John 🙂

Big happy dogs

Dark chocolate

The sound of the breeze rustling leaves in the trees


The sound of laughter

Dark chocolate almond cherry clusters from Costco

Reading in a comfy chair near a patch of sunlight

Picnics with John

The scent of cinnamon baking

Perfectly made chocolate chip cookies

Australian wines

Fish and chips or calamari and chips, cooked just right

That moment of joy when you see a friend for the first time in a while

Petting the soft fur of kittens and puppies

The Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland

Riding behind John on his motorcycle

The view and sound of the ocean

Running the City2Surf race

Eating a big steak and potatoes meal after a race

Music that makes me dance

The smell of fireplaces burning in the fall

Waking up happy and smiling

Big strong hugs from people who love me

Peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes

Running fast and strong early in the morning


Unexpected gifts

Blooming roses with a strong scent

Peanut butter and chocolate


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