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What You Catch in Vegas…

February 25, 2013

j0308903I'm right in the middle of a wonderful writing retreat, and what should happen – I caught a cold! Not just an annoying cold, but a I-can't-breathe-and-I-spend-20-hours-in-bed kind of cold.

I bought some cold medicine the first day, but it didn't help much and I don't feel good enough to go out and buy something else. This seriously stinks!

Nonetheless, I'm determined to get some work done on my book, Unexpected Superhero. Current plans (barring extended illnesses and other freaks of nature) are to publish it at the end of March. Yay! John is working on a great cover, which I'll show you later.

Meanwhile, I'm just praying that the germs I caught in Vegas stay in Vegas!


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