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Netflix Picks: The Guardian

February 22, 2013

The GuardianI started watching The Guardian almost as soon as we started our Netflix subscription. I was looking for two of my favorite shows – Castle and The Mentalist, neither of which is on Netflix – and found this show that Simon Baker starred in before The Mentalist.

At first I liked it, another legal drama, but by the end of season one I was over the main character's angst about everything. He has issues with his father, who is the owner/partner of the law firm where he works. He has issues with previous drug use and the forced community service he does at a legal aid clinic. And he has issues with the woman he works with there who becomes engaged to someone else.

I really like Simon Baker in The Mentalist, and I like Dabney Coleman and Alan Rosenberg who also star in the show, but my enjoyment of The Guardian waned over time from really liking it to deciding not to watch the other two seasons.

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix rating system)


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