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011I – 12 Titles in 12 Months: An Interview with Tracy Reed

In 2016, author Tracy Reed decided to try to write and publish 12 titles in 12 months. She managed 13. This is her story.

Tracy published her first novel in December 2014, then two more shorter titles in 2015. After a conversation with me and another writer friend, she decided that if other writers could publish a dozen or more titles a year, so could she!

Each month found Tracy writing one book (a novelette, a novella, or a novel), editing another, and creating a cover for a third. It was a tight schedule for a pantser without a plan, and some months were rougher than others. When one story just wouldn't work, she had to write another in three days in order to make her deadline!

Tracy takes us through her journey, talking about what worked and what didn't, and what she'll do differently next time. That 13-book year left her exhausted and she didn't do nearly as much writing in 2017, focusing more on marketing. In 2018, she's going to try to balance writing and marketing, and this time she has a plan going in so the work is less stressful.

Listen in and get inspired. This might be your year to write more titles than ever!


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