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021E – Fighting Insecurity

Some days you just aren't feeling like interacting with other people, but depending on your job, you may have to. You might have to be “on” whether you feel like it or not.

And sometimes those days will make it easier for our insecurities to surface. We don't feel like we look good enough, act nice enough, or are as funny as someone else. What can we do to get out of the funk?

One thing I do is find positive quotes or thoughts to focus on. I did a Google search this week on “insecurity in the Bible” 🙂 and found several great verses reminding me of tools to get through tough days. I read them aloud and commented on them in the episode.

Forcing our thoughts into positive, upbeat topics will do a lot to improve our outlook. And, as I found while recording this episode, helping others will almost always make us feel better!


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