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027E – Hope Saved My Life

Hope is such a big part of our lives – and a lack of hope makes a huge difference. For instance, at the time this episode airs, I will be visiting Europe for the first time – exciting! I have so many hopes for how this trip will turn out!

Yet only a couple years ago, my husband and I hit a real low and felt almost entirely hopeless.

What does this mean to us as writers? I think that part of our job – no matter what we write – is to share hope with others. Perhaps we're giving someone encouragement about life having a happy ending, or belief in good triumphing over evil, or hope that they can learn a new skill to improve their life.

There's a movie on Netflix (at least the U.S. version) called Unconditional that I love. (If that link doesn't work where you live, you can see what the movie is about on IMDB.) Lynn Collins and Michael Ealy star in a story about a woman whose husband was murdered and how it almost destroys her – until an old friend helps bring hope back into her life.

It's a fabulous story, and one of the best parts is the super great song over the ending credits called “Hope Saved My Life.” This song is so peppy and full of life – and hope! – that I made it the ringtone on my phone's alarm for waking up in the morning. 😀

How do we find strength in hope? Some of my favorite places include some Bible verses that I share. When we can find a firm place to stand in hope, that hope can give us strength for what comes next – and we can share that hope with others. Sow generously and reap generously!

Remember, you could write a book and change the world!


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